Heavy Duty Series Safety Shoe

Product Code : Heavy Duty Series Safety Shoe
Model : SF 831
Certification : MS ISO 20345 : 2008 and ISO 9001:2015

1) TOE CAP : Steel Toe Cap with Impact and Compression resistant 200 joules ( EN ISO 12568 ) To Protect your feet toe without hazard

2) MIDSOLE : Steel Mid Sole plate with puncture resistant at 1100 newton. ( To protect your feet toe without hazard )

3) UPPER : Genuine Grain Tango Leather 2.2mm( Durable, Comfort Highly Flexible, Breathable, Waterproof and Long time wearability )

4) LINING : Synthetic Air Mesh Fabric ( Padded, moisture-wicking lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control, highly breathable and comfortable )

5) OUTSOLE : Nitrile Rubber ( NBR )4cm material with , made with 2-layer construction, with outer layer being made with solid nitrile compound which offers superior resistance against abrasion, heat, common chemical & oils, while the middle layer of the sole is made with specially formulated expanded nitrile rubber cells which provide enhanced.

6) INSOLE : Ultra light, Soft memory foam, cushion on forefoot and back heel, full arch support, anti-fatique, good shock absorption for walking and comfortable.

Product specification :

  • The S3 standard applies to a range of safety shoes that are designed for outdoor use and wet working environments. They are also compatible with areas that are exposed to fuel and oil.
  • Easy wear in out
  • Sizes range : 4 – 11 ( 38 – 45 )
  • Weight : 1.5kg per pair +-
  • Height : 4 inches ( Low Cut ) Slip on

Suggestion Area Industry :

Manufacturing ( Light, General and Heavy ), Logistics and Warehouse, Aviation, Automotive, Mining, Agricultural and Plantation, Construction, Roadworks, Food and Beverages, Roadworks, Quarries, Petrol Chemicals.


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